A small step is all that is necessary to begin the journey towards our most cherished dreams, a step that Mr. José Lozano took 25 years ago when he decided to start this business adventure that we know today as IMORI.

It was 1996, González ceded the Moncloa to Aznar, a sheep named Dolly was cloned, Lady Di got divorced, Hotmail webmail was born, Isabel Presley blew out 45 candles and Ricky Martin’s “María” became popular, among many other things.

It was not at all easy, as our founder began his journey with the only support of a few savings, and we were also coming out of the economic crisis of 1992-1993. But, fighting side by side with his son Mario, the current manager, over the years, with effort, dedication and much, much enthusiasm, he managed to reach his dream: to create and position IMORI among one of the most recognised companies in the sector.

We are proud to be part of this great family and we wish to celebrate our 25th anniversary with all those who have also made it possible for us to be here today: Our sales representatives, fighting tirelessly on the streets, our suppliers, always ready to contribute their grain of sand to our development and, of course, you, our customers, without your support and fidelity it would not have been possible for us to be here today.

Throughout this year we will carry out campaigns and actions to reward you for your help, so….